What Are the Flavor Diversity Of Xtrime and X-Xtrime?

Xtrime is the new line of Killa, Pablo. Where X Xtrime is the more strongest version afte Xtrime. Xtrime and X Xtrime series both are falling in higher Xtrime And X-Xtrime both have delicious flavor range. Such as Fresh Mint, Berry, Peppermint, Lime, Raspberry, Blackberry, Spearmint etc. Here we describe on the Flavor Diversity of Xtrime And X-Xtrime


What is the Flavor Diversity Of Xtrime?

Xtrime Neuron Freeze:

Delicious Taste of Icy Peppermint. It’s Freezing containing cool menthol.

Xtrime Fruit Vibes:

Fruit Vibes adds the taste of Berry, Raspberry, Strawberry. It’s slightly tart and not very sweet.

Xtrime Arctic Mint:

Delicious taste of ice cold mint. Contains hints of peppermint and spearmint. It Is sweet in taste.

Xtrime Lime Paradise:

Taste of Fresh Lime also tart. It has a little sweetness and a touch of Mint.

What is the Flavor Diversity Of Xtrime X Series?

Xtrime X Series has come in Delicious Flavorings Diversity and it also has higher smell longevity.

Xtrime X Lime:

From an aromatic viewpoint it has a mild lime smell. The fresh lime flavor is also tart in nature. It is not very sweet and cool in nature.

Xtrime X Ice Berry:

Tate of mixing Blackberry and Raspberry. It is not very sweet but sweet in normal.

Xtrime X Freeze:

Delicious taste of Fresh Mint. This is cool with menthol. The flavor is a little bit sweet. Flavor is long lasting and sweet after taste.

Xtrime X Cold:

Delicious taste of Fresh peppermint. It is colder than X Freeze. Peppermint is lightly sweet but very Fresh in nature.